From basic training to Competition Obedience

My goal is for your dog to be the best he can be. With 30 years of experience and a student to teacher ratio of 5 to 1, I can offer you the perfect environment to allow your dog to reach his full potential.

Join us for a group class or private lesson at one of our locations… or we’ll work with you at your home!

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Train with Rick

Welcome to Rick’s Canine Workshop. My programs have been designed for not only the first-time dog owner but also the serious competitor. 

Each program is individually tailored to meet the needs of each owner and dog team. I use positive training techniques in all my programs for pet ownership and competition.

I can help you teach your dog to be a joy to live and train with. Dogs want a chance to please and be successful. But they are not born knowing the rules and social graces of humans nor the rules in competition. You have to teach them in a clear, concise, and positive way.

Good Training for a Good Dog

Whether you just want a fantastic companion and best friend or are aiming to earn an OTCH or MACH title together, Rick has both the experience and the knowledge to help you get there. 

Small Class Size

With an average class size of 5 students per instructor, you get the one-on-one help you need to help your dog understand the human world.

Competition & Pet Classes

No matter what your goals are with your canine companion, we’ve got a class for you — from puppy manners to competition skills.

30 Years of Experience

Rick has over 30 years of experience training training dogs, a certified professional trainer and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

An Experienced Competitor

Rick has put an OTCH on ## dogs, and numerous titles in Agility, including a USDAA championship on his deaf Australian Shephard, Nani.  

About Rick

As a child I begged my parents for a dog. They weren’t persuaded by my arguments. I was 25 when I finally realized my dream of owning a dog. I chose a Shetland Sheepdog that I named MacDuff (NOC OTCH Sir Malcolm MacDuff UDX 4). 

Class Schedule


AKC Competition Classes at Holbrook Facility, Private Lessons Available


Basic Manners Group Class in Brentwood, Private Lessons Available


AKC Competition Classes at Port Chester Facility, Private Lessons Available

Thursday - Saturday

Private Lessons Available at your home or one of our facilities.

* No Sunday Classes or Lessons Available 

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