Beginner Novice Class

Take a break or Go to bed

Teaching your dog to “Take a break” or “Go to Bed” is a very useful exercise with all dogs.  Whether your dog is a family pet or competition obedience or agility dog this gives your dog a clear alternative behaviour to work or unwanted movement around the house.  This video will show the foundation steps on how to start.  Watch for future video’s that will cover more advanced steps.

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Teaching Sit

There are many ways to teach Sit! I feel we should not limit our puppies futures by teaching a basic behavior incorrectly. The right way is the best way to ensure that you will not have to re-teach a behavior if you decide you would like to get involved in Canine Performance Sports such as Obedience and Rally. In this video, I emphasize some key points that will help you teach your dog to Sit the proper way.

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How to introduce footwork while walking your dog.

Now that your dog is walking on a loose leash how can you add physical cues? These cues will help the dog understand where you are going and how they should follow you. Foot cues are a way to standardize the help we give our dogs when heeling in competition obedience or just out for a walk. Being consistent and mindful of what you do with your body will help your dog be better on the leash and off the leash.

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Rick's Canine Workshop offers both group and private lessons on manners, behavior, agility, obedience, and more. 

Private lessons can be arranged at one of our facilities or your home.

Each program is individually tailored to meet the needs of each owner and dog team. Rick uses positive training techniques in all of his programs for pet ownership and competition.